Connect-the-Dots, but you are the dotter, not the liner.

Can you see the big picture?

"10 PM" by Philip Milman licensed under CC BY 3.0 ♫


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It's so minimalistic and super fun to play


ummm... i don't think this is quite right.

Nice and simplistic. Introduces mechanics seamlessly as the puzzles go (still hate you, chained dithers :V)  and gives enough freedom for self-expression to have replayability. Mini story being told as you go as well that ties in the different levels. All in all, a good minimalist game!

Very attractive design and sound, cool game!

Great game! I'm hooked!

oh my gosh this game is actually so cool! one of the more unique ones i've seen for the gmtk jam & it's really fun to play, graphics are clean, gameplay is smooth and i would play this for a long time aah. good job!

Loved the puzzles, it was easy to get hooked into.